Peak’s English comprehensive program helps students improve their reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar skills. Above all, the lessons train students to become better writers.

Subjects: English | Reading | Writing

Grades 3 through 10

Feb 1 - June 25, 2021

Teacher: Paul Lee


Students read, analyze, and write essays based on award-winning books. Students also write essays on a wide variety of interesting topics. Furthermore, students learn and memorize new vocabulary words to write more precisely, and they also learn grammar and punctuation rules to write correctly.

Writing Part 145 min.Analyze example essays. Learn writing principles.
Reading15 min.Discuss the book.
Vocabulary10 min.Preview next week’s vocabulary words.
Break5 min.
Grammar15 min.Learn and practice grammar rules.
Writing Part 230 min.Revise past essays.


In class, students first and foremost learn how to write. They learn how to write argumentative, literary analysis, and narrative essays. They learn how to generate, organize, and clearly express their ideas by learning writing principles, studying model essays, and critiquing student essays. The ultimate goal is for students to learn how to write a perfect five-paragraph essay on any topic.    Students also discuss the book they read. They analyze important events and quotes to better understand the meaning of the story. And, they also learn how to properly use new vocabulary words to improve both their reading and writing.    Part 1: Learn writing principles, analyze model essays, and critique student essays Part 2: Discuss books, take vocab quizzes, read additional material


For the fall and spring semesters, this is the weekly homework: Read a portion of a book.

  • Write an essay based on the book or one of Peak’s argumentative prompts.
  • Do exercises for new vocabulary words.
  • For the summer semester, this is the weekly homework:

  • Read a book every week.
  • Write an essay based on the book.
  • Do exercises for new vocabulary words.
  • Grading & Feedback

    Peak’s teachers keep track of a student’s progress by grading every reading, writing, and vocabulary assignment. Most importantly, Peak provides expert feedback on every student’s essay through comments and edits.


    Peak’s English program provides the best, all-in-one program to improve students’ English abilities so that they can ultimately become more confident and skilled writers. Register today to help your child master English!